Your Trainer

Alpharetta Personal Trainer - Daniel StefanskyMy name is Daniel Stefansky, I am certified as a personal trainer by National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM). I have a passion for physical fitness and I live what I preach.

I have been involved in fitness and sports my entire life. I have played soccer since the time that I was 5 years old, and professionally for 4 years back in my native Country Czech Republic. I have always been drawn to fitness and the human body’s ability to change and improve its physique and performance.

I believe that fitness is a lifestyle. Your health and wellness is the foundation for the quality of your life. As your trainer it is my job to bring the best out of you, to inspire you, motivate you and help you reach your fitness goals. I can promise you that if you follow my plan, you will not only feel better and live a healthier life but also see incredible results in your body that you never thought you would.

I know that life can get busy with family and work but I have the ability to customize a nutrition and workout plan for everyone. Whether you are trying to lose weight, are a fitness beginner or trying to reach the next level in fitness, I can help you attain those goals.

Growing up in Eastern Europe has helped me be a fitness professional who is very detail oriented, driven and determined to get you to look your best. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you and start helping you reach your fitness goals.