What My Clients Are Saying

Before and After - KilleenYou want to know how dreams come true? Decide you want more from life than what cookies and a bag of chips can offer…be just brave enough to take some chances…and train with the best trainer in the Atlanta area! -Daniel Stefansky

Daniel is an educated, creative and no nonsense trainer who clearly knows how to create changes in the physical body, that will not only help you lean down, but also build and strengthen your anatomy to it’s very finest. He has a clear understanding of how nutrition can affect your workouts, so you can always be on the road to seeing your goals come to fruition. He is not a one hit wonder! His workouts are always changing, keeping your body guessing so you never plateau or get bored with you workouts. He knows how to push you but keep you safe from injury and his knowledge about health is clearly demonstrated in how he lives his own life.

With his help and expertise I was able to stand on a stage in my first figure competition in 2013 with confidence…but more importantly with Daniel’s training in the gym…I can now stand anywhere, in my life, with confidence and pride! THAT’S how dreams come true!

– Keleen M.

Before and After - SheilaI’ve been training with Daniel twice a week continuously for almost 5 years now. He is truly an outstanding master of his craft, incredibly bright with a treasure trove of fitness knowledge and skills. As a mother of two and an woman in my 30’s who had never worked out previously, my initial goal getting into training was just to tone up a bit. In just a few months of training with Daniel, I’d not only reached my goal, but achieved much more than I’d expected.

My arms were noticeably toned and my bottom smaller and tighter. The sessions are always varied targeting different areas, trying new exercises so I always felt like I was being challenged. He also places a high value on correct form with each exercises, and he motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. My fitness has improved dramatically since I have been training with Daniel. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got great new muscles and definition.

Daniel also gave me great nutritional information to ensure my diet supported my training and weight loss goal. I felt in the best shape of my life, and as a result I felt confident and happy in anything I wear and anywhere I go. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, Daniel will lead you every step of the way. I truly believe he’s the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.

– Sheila D.

Quality, creativity, integrity and flexibility – these qualities describe the work of Daniel Stefansky. He is a Top-Notch personal trainer!

Quality-Daniel delivers training that is carefully thought out; yet, he tailors the time based on my particular needs. The sessions are different each time. The sessions have been appropriate for my increasing strength and expanded cardiovascular capabilities. This personal growth is exciting for me to SEE and FEEL!

Creativity-Daniel changes my workouts with each session. I am never bored-EVER! It’s challenging work. From strength training to functional training and flexibility – we work as a team to meet my goals. (I am on a Crew that dances at the Atlanta Hawks games)

Integrity and flexibility-He carefully tracks every session-so there is never any question- I buy a package of sessions-So simple and trouble-free!! Daniel is very flexible and works to accommodate my schedule. Daniel is a great trainer and a great person. His training skills have greatly increased the quality of my dance and movement! Well worth it!

Missy B.

I first started training with Daniel about 4 months ago. I gained a lot of weight following a meal plan that a previous trainer gave me, kept gaining weight and wasn’t as fit as I was before. Daniel asked me about my eating plan and work out plan, and basically started my fitness routine from scratch. He is very knowledgeable, and believes that clean diet goes hand in hand with training. Since I started training with Daniel, I’ve consistently lost weight every week, and pushed beyond my limits. He monitors my progress very closely, and is vested in my overall fitness. Daniel is extremely professional and courteous and takes fitness very seriously. I have certain fitness goals in mind and I know that I will only be able to achieve them with Daniel as my trainer.