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My name is Daniel Stefansky, I am certified as a personal trainer by National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM). I have a passion for physical fitness and I live what I preach. I have been involved in fitness and sports my entire life. Read More »


Before and After - Killeen

You want to know how dreams come true? Decide you want more from life than what cookies and a bag of chips can offer…be just brave enough to take some chances…and train with the best trainer in the Atlanta area! Read More »


Personal Training in Alpharetta, GA by Daniel Stefansky

For each program I design I make sure to provide a safe level of teaching and effectiveness for each and every client. Read More »

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Personal Trainer - Daniel Stefansky

Thank you!

I would like to dedicate this first blog of my new website to all of my clients and tell you how much I love to work with all of you! I would not be where I am now without you! I really appreciate … Read More »